Reported Cases

Reported Cases and Other Work

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Special Practice Areas

Tony will accept cases in the following areas in the High Court or above:


Judicial Review on a wide range of public law matters

New Zealand Bill of Rights cases - Civil - or Criminal pre-trial or trial

Civil actions against the Goverment eg Police or Department of Corrections

Constitutional Law

Criminal - Serious Crimes or Appeal work



Habeas Corpus

Human Rights actions

Intellectual Disability

International Human Rights - Challenges especially to the UN Human Rights Committee or UN Committee against Torture

Immigration Appeals or Judicial Reviews

Mental Health

Prisoners Rights

Public and Administrative Law

Sentencing appeals especially Preventive Detention or sentences over 10 years

NB Tony will do District Court work, if the issues are particularly important.

Only limited legal aid can be done in the District Court due to legal aid changes.

Tony will not generally accept Family Court work or work involving childhood or other historical abuse claims.