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Recent News January 12, 2017

Intellectually disabled man detained for a decade for smashing windows

An intellectually disabled man who has been detained for more than 10 years for trespassing and smashing windows is fighting for his release. Tony Ellis, argued for a writ of habeas corpus in the High Court in Wellington today…

Recent News September 22, 2016

Suspected killer facing extradition to China set to be released on bail

Justice Jill Mallon granted Kyung Yup Kim’s bail application, noting while the severity of the consequences he could face in China if he is found guilty of a crime was strong enough to make him a flight risk – New Zealand could not continue to detain him without charge.

Recent News September 1, 2016

Men in care so disabled they can not speak for themselves

The case for three intellectually disabled men claiming compensation is coming to a close in the High Court in Wellington. Awaiting Jugment

Recent News July 25, 2016

Three disabled men sue Government for more than $100000 each

The three patients allege ill treatment while in secure units, including sexual abuse and prolonged seclusion. Awaiting Judgment.

Recent News July 22, 2016

Smith found guilty of fleeing passport charges

Convicted murderer and sex offender Phillip John Smith has apologised for his escape. Smith was today found guilty of two charges, after fleeing the country and heading to South America in November 2014 while on temporary release from Springhill Prison in Waikato.

Recent News July 5, 2016

Government ordered to reconsider extradition of NZ resident to China

Justice Minister Amy Adams says the Government has “gone to extreme lengths” to protect the rights of a man it wants to extradite to China.

Recent News November 16, 2014

“I will quote simply one submission from a well-recognised legal authority in New Zealand, Tony Ellis” Dr Kennedy Graham, Hansard, 2011



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