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Everitt v Attorney-General

Court of Appeal 5 Judges
Everitt v Attorney-General
Court of Appeal 5 Judges 
  • 26 July 2001
  • [2002] 1 NZLR 82

Successful appeal of the lawfulness of a police strip search of a bicycle courier. “The court being unanimous as to the result the appeal is allowed and the orders made in the High Court are quashed. The appellant is entitled to a declaration that the strip search at the Police Station breached s21 of the Bill of Rights. The assessment of the Bill of Rights compensation is remitted to the High Court.”


In the course of submissions, Mr Ellis, in his careful way, has mounted a thorough and sustained attack on the extradition process. MAILLEY v GM 2008-404-008316 [2008] NZHC 2063 Hansen J.



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