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Dean v New Zealand

United Nations Human Rights Committee
Dean v New Zealand
United Nations Human Rights Committee 
  • 17 March 2009
  • CCPR/C/95/D/1512/2006

Third New Zealand case ever won before the United Nations Human Rights Committee. Also a Preventive Detention Case confirming and advancing the Rameka case. “…the author had served three years of detention for preventive purposes, at the time of his first Parole hearing in 2005. The Committee refers to its finding in Rameka and finds that the author’s inability to challenge the existence of substantive justification for his continued detention for preventive reasons during that time was in violation of his right under article 9, paragraph 4, of the Covenant to approach a court for a determination of the lawfulness of his detention period.”

The Human Rights Committee jurisprudence is labeled with CCPR which stands for the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The views of the Committee are in four formats and five languages.


Human rights lawyer Tony Ellis provided the breakthrough. You’re doing it wrong, he said. By focusing on the government’s human rights obligations – complaining to the Human Rights Commission and United Nations Committee Against Torture, [Sonja] Cooper helped spark action outside the courts. Dominion Post 23 September 2017 C3



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